Ex Liverpool defender, Daniel Agger, has paid the remainder of the money needed for the Danish homeless football team to be able  to make the trip to the homeless World Cup in Chile in October.

Charity worker, Frits Ahlstrøm, who helps organise the team said:

The day after the friendly match against Turkey I spoke to him at the national team’s training camp in Elsinore, he asked how it went with Ombold.

When I replied that we were still missing 40,000 krone, he responded without hesitation: ‘I’ll give it to you,’ then I contacted our administration. It turned out that within the past few days had received 20,000 krone in donations.

When I informed Daniel that we only lacked 20,000 krone, he said: ‘You just tell me where and when to spend the money; and also if there is anything else I can do.

There is no substitute for class and Daniel has it on as well as off the field – as a player and person.

What a guy. More footballers should do more things like this with the amount of money they earn!

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