The Germany – Brazil semi saw the most incredible defeat in the World Cup 2014 and creating one of the most historic games in history, With a 7-1 defeat to the Brazilians. All credit has to be given to the German side playing amazing football and deserving everything they got.

You can’t help but feel for the Brazilian fans with such a footballing history resonating in their hearts and lives as they witness their team get battered and destroyed by the Europeans. You even have to feel a little sorry for some of the Brazilian players, including little Oscar who ‘scored the most pointless world cup goal ever’.

However one thing that should put a smile on most faces across the footballing world was to see the humiliation and sadness on Dirty David Luiz’ face. No doubt he has good skill as a footballer, but I can’t remember seeing one football match he has played when he hasn’t adopted dirty tactics using elbows and throwing his weight around, cheating to injure opponents or simply throw them off the ball. Sadly most of the time this is only picked up by the cameras and not the referee but a defeat of this ferocity which left Louise in tears can be taken as a little consolation for this atrocity.

I also hope this has knocked him off his pedestal making him a more humble player for seasons to come. A lesson well deserved and well learnt for Dirty David wherever his footballing career takes him next.

My condolences to the rest of the Brazilian team!

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