As a Chelsea fan, I am very sad to see Juan Mata leave, but does it really matter? He was Chelsea’s player of the season for two seasons in a row, so on first glance it would seem like a ridiculous decision to sell him to one of their biggest rivals. It is surely not the best idea to give Manchester United a much needed boost.

So how does it affect the Chelsea team? Mata plays in a very similar role as Oscar and I think Oscar is having a brilliant season so far. The main reason Mourinho prefers Oscar is because he works harder and gets into better positions defensively. Mata might have the slight edge in creativity but that probably doesn’t outweigh Oscar’s defensive and work rate attributes, as well as Oscar being faster and better in the air, both of which probably suit the way Mourinho wants Chelsea to play more than Mata does.

Even though Mata was player of the season last season I always thought Eden Hazard was more important to Chelsea. There is no other player like Hazard at Chelsea, who has that ability to take on his man whenever he fancies, with the ball just sticking to his feet. He can also cross well, has pace and can score too. He has really shown what he can do this season with the number of goals he has created and scored. I’m not sure he’s had a bad game yet!  The arrival of Willian has also meant there is more pace on the other wing. Hazard, Oscar and Willian are definitely Mourinho’s first choice attacking midfield trio, which suits the fast paced counter attacking football Mourinho likes to play. So, for me, it is not a big loss to let Mata leave Chelsea.

However, what about selling him to Manchester United, usually one of Chelsea’s main threats in the title race? Well, they might be usually but they aren’t a threat this season. Therefore, Mourinho probably doesn’t mind Mata going to United this season as it won’t affect where Chelsea finish. If anything it could help Chelsea as United still have to play Chelsea’s main title contenders.

The only bad thing is that it could help United in future seasons and give them a much needed boost in rebuilding their squad. In fact, it probably will, but it doesn’t hide the fact they still need to bring in plenty of other players, not least one or two centre backs and a central midfielder. With United paying a whopping £37m which would help Chelsea with the financial fair play rules it was probably a risk Mourinho was willing to take. There is also a chance that Rooney could end up leaving as it looks hard to fit both him and Mata into the United team without one of them playing in a wide role where they are slightly wasted, so you never know, it could help Chelsea in buying Rooney!

I personally like Mata a lot and am glad to see him getting first team football, especially ahead of the World Cup.

At the end of the day, Jose Mourinho knows exactly what he is doing and it probably doesn’t really matter that he sold Juan Mata to Manchester United!

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