Rio Ferdinand has had quite a bit to say about the John Terry and Anton Ferdinand incident in his new autobiography ‘2 Sides’. The incident happened in October 2011 when Rio’s brother, Anton, accused Terry of racial abuse. This is what Rio says in his book:

He [Terry] never apologised to me or to Anton. And he has never hinted that he has ever had a moment of understanding over the damage his stupidity had inflicted on everyone.

For me, the biggest idiot will always be John Terry. As England captain and my centre-back partner he could have saved everyone a lot of pain by admitting immediately he used the word in the heat of the moment, but was not racist.

I think that’s probably what happened and what the truth is. Anton and I would’ve accepted that – instead he never gave us a chance.

That was the betrayal. He tried to run away from what he had done.

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