Last Tuesday, Rob Price, a college lecturer in Andover, was shocked to find that his danish pastry he was about to tuck into had Rory McIlroy’s face on it. You can see the picture he tweeted below:


Most people who would see this would find it funny, maybe amazing, and they’d post a picture of it just like Rob did. However, most people wouldn’t see it as a sign that Rory McIlroy was going to win the 2014 Masters! Rob did. So much so that he put a bet of £1000 on him winning.

Now, putting a bet on McIlroy winning certainly wasn’t a bad shout, especially with good odds of 11-1 and with world number one Tiger Woods not taking part. But not a whopping £1000! That’s a lot of dough to bet because of a pastry.

“It’s got to be a sign – Rory’s face on a piece of food from his girlfriend’s home country,” he told British news site The Independent.

Betfair’s Barry Orr joked: “I suppose this isn’t the first time Rory’s been on top of a Danish but it’s certainly the first time we’ve had a customer place a bet as a result of it.” Ha, brilliant.

Unfortunately for Rob, McIlroy finished tied for 8th, with Bubba Watson winning the 2014 Masters. Money down the drain.

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