Are you going to Brazil for the world cup? Are you thinking of renting a house somewhere? Are you incredibly rich?

If you answered yes to all of the above then why not stay at Ronaldinho’s house? The Brazilian football legend wasn’t included in the Brazil squad for the World Cup, so has decided to leave the country and try to make some extra money (you know, because he needs it) by renting his house out! As most footballers would do, of course.

Yes, you read that right! He has listed it on the house/room rental website

So if you’re interested, it’s in the Barra da Tijuca area of Rio de Janeiro and is a 5-bedroom mansion with 6 bathrooms, a pool, sauna, home theatre, ‘special refrigerator for beer’, yoga room, and of course ‘a unique stage to do a cool pagoda with friends’.

How much do you have to splash out I hear you asking? Only 34,441 Brazilian Reais which is about £9,000 a night.

You can view lots of photos of his house and the full advert on Airbnb.


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  1. TonyStark

    I have my own house with a fully operational computer system as my butler which is by far the most advanced technology the world has ever seen as well as a private
    collection of extremely expensive automobiles and an ocean as my back yard.
    Need I continue? are we done here? I’m a Billionaire!

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