There have been quite a lot of people questioning whether City deserve the title. This is something I just don’t understand. Who won the Premier League title 2013-14? Manchester City did. Did they cheat? No. So how on earth don’t they deserve it?

You could argue that one way a team don’t deserve it is if they got no injuries, a lot of lucky results, and the other teams around them got lots of injuries and maybe a lot of unlucky results. But that simply isn’t the case here. In fact, it’s probably more the other way round.

Man City had arguably their best player, Sergio Aguero, injured for almost half the season. He only managed 20 league starts out of 38. Other big players have been injured for parts of the season too, including captain Vincent Kompany and playmaker David Silva. If you compare that to 2nd placed Liverpool, they hardly had any injuries to their big players. Imagine if Suarez or Gerrard had missed half the season. Yes, you could say the Suarez was banned at the start of the season, but that was only for 5 league matches, plus injuries are usually unfortunate, getting banned for what he did is not unfortunate!

If the three City players mentioned above had not had their injury troubles, I’m pretty sure City would have had the title wrapped up weeks earlier.

There has been plenty of criticism of the money that City have spent on players, and that they have ‘bought’ the title. In my opinion this is a load of rubbish. You still need to get them playing well as a team and winning matches. In general, the teams that spend most on players end up doing well, yes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve it.

Before Abramovich brought his money to Chelsea, Man United were always one of the top spenders in the Premier League, but no-one questioned whether they deserved their titles or accused them of buying the title. Liverpool have also always been one of the top spenders during the Premier League, even the top spender in the early Premier League years, but it hasn’t won them a title, so it doesn’t always work out.

Some people have claimed that Liverpool deserved the title this year because of the attacking, exciting football they have played. That doesn’t mean they deserve it, defending is just as important and requires good footballing knowledge and ability to get right. Liverpool have rightly played to their strengths of having brilliant attackers, Chelsea have played to their strengths using their defensive qualities, whilst City have had a good balance of the two which is probably a big reason they have won the title. They have also scored more than 100 goals and been exciting to watch too, so I can’t see why Liverpool deserve it on those grounds. I guess it’s just because people weren’t expecting them to do that well and came very close, so they think they deserve it.

Another factor people have looked at is the number of days teams have been at the top of the league for:

  1. Arsenal 128 days
  2. Chelsea 64 days
  3. Liverpool 59 days
  4. Man City 15 days

As you can see, the top four final positions are actually a reverse of this. It really doesn’t matter who is in 1st place after 8, 18 or 28 games, all that matters is who is in 1st after 38 games! Just because Arsenal have been top of the league for the longest time doesn’t mean they deserve the title, it just meant they had more of their wins earlier on in the season. If you can’t keep it up, you don’t deserve to win the league, simple as that.

If it was a knockout format, you could get a bit lucky and win. But we have a league format, all teams playing each other twice, so that’s 38 games each, for that reason. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins the league, and therefore deserves the title because they have gained more points than anyone else! You can’t be lucky for 38 games.

The best team always wins the league.


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  1. Davenation

    Technically they did cheat because of the financial fair play rules. Maybe they should have points deducted?

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