Why is Messi better than Ronaldo?

First of all there’s the obvious 4 Ballon d’Or awards for Messi in comparison to Ronaldo’s 2 – and this is with Messi being 2 years younger than Ronaldo and arguably not even at his peak yet, whilst Ronaldo is peaking right now (hense the Ballon d’Or and incredible season he’s had). Also there is the record for the most goals in a calendar year and most club goals in a season. (I’m not going to list all the records cos there are loads – as well as Ronaldo’s records of course – you can check them out).

To continue, Messi is very much left footed, however give him any kind of space (he’ll even get out of no space) he will finish it 90% of the time. This is pure finesse with the odd power in his shots (R1 for you FIFA geeks). Ronaldo is mainly right footed however he is sublime on his left foot as well. He tends to go for power.. and I mean power! His conversion rate isn’t quite as good as Messi, but it is pretty darn good. Ronaldo is much more consistent when finishing with his head, due to his height advantage and pure athletic physique.

Freekick taking… Both of these players are amazing at freekicks, yet they have a very different style: Messi with his standard finesse curling shot with great accuracy, and Ronaldo with the pure power, dip, and swerve approach. It is hard to compare these two at freekick taking because I would prefer both (left hand side for Ronaldo and right hand side for messi), but if I had to pick it would have to be Ronaldo.

Moving on to dribbling, Messi is the dribbling maestro, taking it around players as if they weren’t there. The way the ball sticks to his feet is sublime not to mention his balance. Don’t get me wrong, Ronaldo has unbelievable dribbling abilities and balance, but you can’t fault Messi’s advantage when it comes to ball control. The speed of his feet and agility at fast pace is probably the best of all time. Ronaldo seems to rely more on raw pace and fancy tricks to get past a man (and there are many youtube clips of him getting it wrong). Furthermore, Messi has the ‘natural’ ability of dribbling and football technique, whereas Ronaldo is a working machine and a powerful athlete, which perhaps is where Messi gains an advantage when it comes to dribbling.

Coming down to working as a team and linking up with team mates, Ronaldo lacks what Messi has. Ronaldo is seen to be a little selfish and the ‘main man’ in the team (which of course he is – and why wouldn’t he be selfish? You have to be a little selfish to be a great striker) whereas Messi has a much more patient game and great link up play with his teammates which is why I would prefer Messi in my team – but maybe that is because he has the likes of Iniesta and Xavi to pass to? To continue, Messi’s attitude on the football pitch and off couldn’t be much better. He never dives, always tries to stay on his feet and just gets on with what he’s good at. Ronaldo on the other hand has a tendency to moan and get frustrated with his teammates (not to mention the dives at utd – even if he has got better at that).

Also, Messi is hard to foul – I mean the amount of players which try to hack him down and he just ‘strolls’ past them is unreal. Ronaldo seems to get fouled a lot because of his immense skill and quick feet to knock it past the player, but not as much agility as Messi.

Some people will say Ronaldo is better because he has played in England (and been successful) and in Spain – with his Real Madrid goal scoring record being unbelievable. To contrast, Messi has been at Barca his entire footballing career. But why wouldn’t he? If he has been that successful there and loves that club that much surely you would too?

And this, my friends, is why Messi is better.

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